Perception is reality

Bill Michul

Creative Director + Partner

We speak with companies everyday about building brands. So, as we venture into our own branding process as a new company we wanted to share some of our philosophy.

So what is Branding? Stay with me here—Branding is the sum of the visual, verbal and environmental assets that communicate the voice or purpose of a company or product. These assets are used to tell authentic stories that build emotional connections with the consumer. This transfers into people’s experiences and perceptions of the company or product itself. And ideally, meeting expectations so that the consumer will want to have that experience again and again.

Branding is a strategic process to discover who you really are, what you stand for, and understanding your organizational culture. It also involves finding out whether people see you as you want to be seen. We get the occasional “Can’t you just make me a logo?” question, but the true perception of a brand isn’t in its logo. Your logo is just a trigger to recall the experience you had with the product or service. The logo is one of the last brand assets we create.

Our branding process involves several phases:
A discovery phase that consists of stakeholder interviews, consumer & market research, landscape analysis and content audit. This leads into the planning phase which includes a brand brief, positioning statement, consumer personas and an overall roadmap. Next is the creative phase. This is where we start building those visual, verbal and environmental assets to help tell your story, craft the experience and make those consumer connections. Lastly, we deploy all the brand materials, track their success and optimize our plan for success.

So why is branding important? Because we’re human. We’re emotional creatures that thrive on emotional connections. As consumers we have choices. If your brand can make that emotional connection with a consumer you have a greater chance of being chosen when they are in need of your product or service.