Intern Perspectives

Clare Buley

Budding Creative, Dunbar High School

The one thing I have been confident in my whole life: my creativity. Growing up attending a small arts oriented school completely shaped my way of thinking for the better.

I am constantly surrounded by things that inspire me to create and am extremely passionate about the artwork and photography I produce. I was so excited once I learned more about Advertising and Marketing agencies and how you can apply your creativity to the business world.

Given the fact that technology is taking over more and more every day, I decided it would be a smart move to get into an industry that is technologically based. I decided to intern at BORN to learn about how creativity manifests in the advertising industry.

I’ve learned that you truly have to be creative to work in this industry, no matter what job you do – whether you work on the account side or the creative side. I’ve learned that there are so many ways communicate, but all are grounded in strategy. I love the way new thoughts and ideas are constantly flowing through the office, which makes it a great environment for me to be in. I can’t wait to continue to explore the idea of working in Advertising and applying my creativity to the business world.

And I’m glad that my journey started here at BORN.