How I finally put on my big girl pants

Jen Larkin
Account Director + Partner

“Write a Blog”, my partner said.
I’m not a writer. I actually talk with my hands!
How am I supposed to make a good point without the added drama of hand gestures?
It actually ended up being quite therapeutic – even without the hands.

Here goes. First topic. Bravery. We hear this all of the time. So, let’s be cliche. “If you want to be successful, you have to be brave. Take chances”. Well, blah blah blah. Before BORN, I was just fine letting someone else be brave while paying me a salary AND paying for the lions share of my health insurance. Fortunately, fate intervened and the situation became “now or never.” And the choice was now.

And here’s why. I’ve spent my life learning what makes me happy, what I love to do, what I’m passionate about, what I’m really good at – so, why NOT be brave and bring the dream to life? I’ve spent my adult life creating brands, updating brands, critiquing brands, promoting brands, supporting brands. It’s what I love to do. It’s why I love going to work every day. So, with the best partner EVER (who always makes me look good, which is a whole other blog subject), we took our own advice – we sacrificed to “own” something and BORN the brand was born.

We were brave. And it wasn’t that hard.

And, here’s to our family, friends and clients whose encouraged us to follow our dream.
And the quote that was the icing on the cake? “I don’t care if you work out of the back seat of your cars. I trust you with my brand”.

In honor of the man behind the quote, Cheers!